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The RIB 700 a 7-meter RIB. The low weight of this model, combined with the hull's double ventilated steps, creates an extremely low leveling threshold that gives the RIB 700 amazingly responsive acceleration.

The ventilated steps also give the RIB 700 a grip on the water while turning, for increased maneuverability.

The RIB 700 have been designed to withstand the extreme conditions and heavy seas of the North Sea - possibly the harshest marine environment on Earth. With this in mind, you can rest assured that your family is safe, even in unexpected bad weather.

RIB 700 overview on Youtube: LINK


Dimensions / Materials

LOA: 7.0 m
Beam: 2.45 m
Draft: 0.45 m (at rest)
Draft: 0.10 m (at speed)
Displ: 450 kg (ex. Engine and fuel)
Fuel Tank: 100 L
Hull material: ISO Polyester
Deck material: FRP Sandwitch Construction
Tube material/diameter: Hypalon/46 cm
Engine / Load
Recommended engine: 60-115hp
Max engine power: 85kw / 115hp
Max load capacity: 1200kg
Max engine weight: 250kg
Max adults+children: 10 + 2
Performance with 1x 115hp engine
Speed with 2-6 persons: 50 knots
Fuel Consumption:
(at optimum economy speed) 0.41L / nautical mile

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